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Help Getting Started What are the integration options?
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What are the integration options?

We offer 3 ways of integrating with our service each with their own pro's and cons. 

Simple Integration - Email, Online or iFrame

This is by far the easiest way to integrate. When using Email client's are sent a link by email for the majority of our API's where they complete online in real-time. The results are available to you in your dashboard. There's no need to install any libraries or place code on your website. The disadvantage to this method are clients are subtracted from the regular signup flow and verifying identity in this way is not ideal. 

Online integrations means getting links for your clients to use from within your dashboard and sending to them manually, it's very similar to the email method.

When using iFrame integration client's stay on your site and interact with the widgets in your signup, product or service flow. There are no need to install libraries and integration is quick.

JS Library - The preferred integration method

Include the required libraries on your site and specify which div to add widgets to. Callbacks provide you with easy to understand information about the state of requests and the results of verification. You can customize UI components using CSS and JS. 

REST with JSON or XML - Backend heavy

If you don't need a ton of UI or want to develop your own completely from scratch, our REST API gives you that capability. Choose services to integrate with and make calls asynchronously.