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Easy to understand pricing for our banking and identity verification API's

Provide real insight to your product or service with your clients bank account transaction history. It's a powerful tool that let's you see up to the last 3 years of bank transaction history with fine grain details. Transactions are categorized by payroll deposits, existing loans or housing payments, discretionary spending and more. Combined with our Ancillary verification, build the best product, reduce your fraud or speed up your underwriting process.

Account Access
Every account includes access to all of our API's. Simply call the API you're looking for in production to be part of your pricing structure.

Easy Pricing
All our API calls have a flat fee which makes it easy for you to integrate and know what costs your company can expect.

We take security seriously and every call made to the API needs to be encrypted. We support a minimum of TLS version 1.3, 2048 bit encryption.

Your service is only as reliable as ours, when you depend on it. API Access is over 99.9% reliable and is backed by our SLA.
Provider Comparison
  Flinks Plaid Helium
Minimum Pricing $500 CAD or more $500 USD or more Free to start
API Access Days to weeks Over 48h Instant access
Integration Support Extra Paid Service No support Free included support
Client Support Never Not Offered Yes, clients can reach out to us directly
Cost Expensive Very Expensive Less than the other guys
Supported Institutions Just 10 Only 20 Over 99% of clients in Canada
API Access for all features are included in your account
Bank Authentication
API Call Simple JS API Rest API Price Description
Authentication $1.00 Authenticate with any of the available banks, including completing MFA or 2FA authentication
Complete Response Included All bank related items in a single call. Includes, accounts, balances, transactions, profile infomration and more.
Account Balances Included Retrieve a list of accounts on file including the type, last balance and late transaction date
Transaction History Included Retrieve a list of account transactions on file including the description, rolling balance, flags and more
Profile Information Included Retrieve the name, phone number and email address on file with the bank, when available
Profile Information Included Retrieve the name, phone number and email address on file with the bank, when available
Existing Loans Included Retrieve existing loans, such as payday, car, installment or mortage payments
Assets Included Retrieve a list of existing assets, savings accounts, registered accounts and more.
Account Numbers Included Retrieve account numbers needed to direct debit or credit an account
Ancillary Verification
API Call Simple JS API Rest API Price Description
Video Identity $0.50 Capture client video in real time on iOS, Android and Computers to validate identity
Video Retrieval $0.10 Retrieve store videos for review by your client service team
Photo ID's $0.50 Upload and parse a range of Photo ID's available in Canada
SMS & MMS $0.50 Complete verification by sending short codes, photos, videos or voice calls to clients mobile numbers
Geo Location $0.50 Locate clients anywhere in the world, the response contains the complete address including accuracy radius
Property Managers
Get a complete report that includes credit score and history, previous addresses, employment records, verified income and likelihood of default. Our reports include our proprietary scoring scale from 1 to 10 that indicates the client's ability to pay on time.

Easy to download reports start at just $25 per client.
Link your app, onboarding or underwriting process to our verification API's

We analyze the complete account, providing all the history available up to 3 years

For Deposits
  View Payroll and Income
  Transfers from other accounts
  Totals and averages
  Validate client inputs

For Withdrawals
  View housing payments
  Discretionary spending
  Loans or Payments
  Categorized neatly

For Identity
  Legal names
  Phone numbers
  Email addresses
Integrate and get started quickly
We get it. It's hard to integrate things.

Choose from 3 different methods for integrating, with drop in JS or Simple Integration to complete backend for those looking for a more customized solution. All options are included with your API access so you can change your mind after.
Simple Quickstart
Zero configuration drop in iFrame, Emails or Portal to get your started

  Quick to implement
  Email links to clients
  Everything is integrated
  No libraries or server load
Quickstart JS API
Include a code snippet to get up and running in minutes

  Drop in code snippet
  Specify where to show
  Asyncrounous server calls
  Flexible design CSS
Access using HTTPS directly by your backend or in-house software

  Design your own UI
  Use with in-house backend services
  Programming samples included
  Access raw data
Signup for the starter package and get $1,000 in free calls.

Limited time offer for new clients only. Value based on 1k x $1.00 calls, to the Bank Authorization API.
Instant Access
Get your API Access Key and get complete online documentation to have your application up and running in minutes.
Easy Integration
Drop in frameworks make it quick and easy to get started. Choose from JS, iFrame or Direct API integrations.
No Pre-payment
Some providers require you to pre-pay up front hundreds or thousands of dollars. With us you only pay for what you use at the end of the month.
Gain access to the suite of verification API's in minutes

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