Property managers and landlords
Check before you rent with credit history and secure bank financials
Renter verification, improved.

Renting a property in Canada isn't as easy as it used to be. Client financials can easily be faked and credit reports don't include the whole picture. Verify client financials in real time and see payroll, income from other sources, existing loans and NSF transactions.

Verify Bank Financials
Verify payroll, income, existing debt, NSF transactions and discretionary spending by analyzing financial account data.

Verify Bank Identity
Verify a client's legal name, address, email and telephone number using the profile information found on file with the bank.

Reduce Lost Income
In Canada the average eviction takes over 6 months to complete, losing you time and tons of money in the process.
Property Manager Report

We compile special reports specifically for property managers. They're easy to read and give you the complete picture about who you're abuot to rent to at a glance.

Ability to pay on-time
  Full credit history and score
  Previous Employment
  Verifiable Income
  NSF Transactions and Stop Payments
  Helium Verify Score

For Identity
  Previous addresses
  Name Aliases
  Optional Photo ID
  Optional Video Verification

Without Banking
For property managers that have clients who don't want to complete banking verification you can complete a soft inquiry into Credit History and get a Credit Score, Payment History, Previous Addresses, Aliases and more.
Provider Comparison
  Flinks Plaid Helium
Minimum Pricing $500 CAD or more $500 USD or more Free to start
API Access Days to weeks Over 48h Instant access
Integration Support Extra Paid Service No support Free included support
Client Support Never Not Offered Yes, clients can reach out to us directly
Cost Expensive Very Expensive Less than the other guys
Supported Institutions Just 10 Only 20 Over 99% of clients in Canada
API Access for all features are included in your account
Underwrite with real bank data

Get the details of account balances, transactions, payroll, existing debt, NSF transactions and profile information in real-time to help you make better underwriting decisions

For Financials
  Payroll and Stable Income
  Check existing debt levels and servicing
  Estimate fraud rates or use of insurance

For Identity
  Validate Profile Information
  Verify clients using Video or MMS
  Geolocate for properties in question
Integrate and get started quickly
We get it. It's hard to integrate things.

Choose from 3 different methods for integrating, with drop in JS or Simple Integration to complete backend for those looking for a more customized solution. All options are included with your API access so you can change your mind after.
Simple Quickstart
Zero configuration drop in iFrame, Emails or Portal to get your started

  Quick to implement
  Email links to clients
  Everything is integrated
  No libraries or server load
Quickstart JS API
Include a code snippet to get up and running in minutes

  Drop in code snippet
  Specify where to show
  Asyncrounous server calls
  Flexible design CSS
Access using HTTPS directly by your backend or in-house software

  Design your own UI
  Use with in-house backend services
  Programming samples included
  Access raw data
Signup for the starter package and get $1,000 in free calls.

Limited time offer for new clients only. Value based on 1k x $1.00 calls, to the Bank Authorization API.
Instant Access
Get your API Access Key and get complete online documentation to have your application up and running in minutes.
Easy Integration
Drop in frameworks make it quick and easy to get started. Choose from JS, iFrame or Direct API integrations.
No Pre-payment
Some providers require you to pre-pay up front hundreds or thousands of dollars. With us you only pay for what you use at the end of the month.
Gain access to the suite of verification API's in minutes

How to get started

It's easy to start integrating with us today. You can request a new API Access Key and get your product or service using our API's in minutes.

View the complete reference in the API Documentation

API Docs Quickstart

Get in touch with an integration specialist
We're here with you 7 days a week from 9am to 11pm EST
Give us a call at 1-855 6-Helium (643-5486) or email us at

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  Help you choose the right products
  Information on pricing

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